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Fischer Funeral Home
VanKennel Home in Monroe Twp 1912 (currently the Warsaw location) photo

The oldest, continuous family business in Warsaw, OH is the Fischer Funeral Home. It was started on February 12, 1937 by the late Franklin J. Fischer. Franklin first became involved in the funeral business with E.R. Urey on November 4, 1929. He would later purchase the business from Urey to start his own.
The first business location was in a large white building on the southeast corner of Main and Bridge Streets in Warsaw. On August 22, 1939, Franklin started the process of tearing down and moving the home of Mr. and Mrs. Theopolus VanKennel in Monroe Township (pictured above), to Warsaw where it is now the current location of the Funeral Home. All of the pieces were marked indivdually and the entire home was reconstructed piece-by-piece. At the height of reconstruction, there were 23 men working on the project at 35 cents to 50 cents an hour.
Franklin and Lucille Fischer, and their children Patty Jo, Don, and Lynn, moved into the rebuilt home on December 30, 1939. The business moved into the new location in August of 1940. Many additions and improvements have been made to the facility over the years, but the original home still remains.
In 1973, Lynn and his wife Patricia Fischer purchased the business from Franklin, and gained controlling interest in 1979. Lynn's two sons, Gary and Nicholas both became licensed Funeral Directors. Together they opened a new location in Danville, OH in 1979 after purchasing the home of Harold and Jean Holt and remodeling it. After Lynn's untimely death in 1985, Patricia became the sole owner of both firms and the business as a whole.
Gary Fischer's two oldest sons, Corey and Jesse both became licensed Funeral Directors, making four generations of the Fischer family to have served with the business.